Help Your Business Grow With These Marketing Trends In 2018

1111.pngMarketing is rightly called the heart of any business organisation. While all the other departments except sales are cost centric in nature, marketing is the only department that concentrates on bringing in business revenue. As competition is always on the rise, you need to adapt strong marketing trends this year in order to make your business fruitful and progressive. Here are a few of the most important marketing trends you should adapt for your business in 2018:

Personalised Communication

Customers today need personal attention. They need to feel special about the way they are treated by the brands they use. Make sure you keep ample data of your customers and send personalised promotional messages to them in order to keep them on the hook. Send them birthday wishes. Give special offers to your regular customers. Ask a customer what’s wrong if they haven’t made a purchase for long. All these tactics would help you improve your relations with the customers and that should always be your priority.

Quantitative-based Marketing

There has been a substantial rise in quantitative-based marketing. Business organisations such as Kraft and Unilever, who were earlier involved in marketing the ‘soft skills’ are now building strong data-science teams in order to expand the reach of their business. This year as well, quant-marketing is expected to grow and help all the organisations focusing more on their customer data.

Resort To In-car Ads

The technology of self-drive cars is almost around the corner. Almost all the major car companies are now coming up with this unique facility in their products. Uber was recently reported to have ordered 24,000 Volvo SUVs which are fitted with self-drive technology. Now, if the driver doesn’t have to pay much attention on the road, they would resort to in-car entertainment. This is where you can slip in your ads and smartly promote your business.

Develop Voice-optimised Content

There is no limit to an individual’s laziness! Last year, more than 20% of online search was reported to be conducted through voice search, and it is certainly going to increase this year. Therefore, come up with your digital content which is voice-optimised and convenient for your customers.

Investment In Live Events

More than two-thirds of the marketers have admitted that hosting live events have worked well in their favour. Live events have proven to be one of the most effective marketing channels. However, there is not much competition here as very few organisations are into frequent hosting of such events. Before the competition intensifies, it is advisable to invest in live events to promote your business.


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